Highgrove are a family owned bed manufacturer based in Yorkshire and are quickly growing in popularity as they have such a wide range of products available. With models across the market range from high-end to low, Highgrove have a bed for every budget.

Highgrove AdvantEdge

Highgrove AdvantEdge mattresses are made with a special high-density foam which envelopes the mattress to provide a wider sleep surface. This prevents you from rolling off the bed while you sleep because the edge won’t dip when pressure is applied.

Natural Selection

By merging Highgrove’s KineTech Pocket Spring System with fine natural materials, the Highgrove Natural Selection provides a great choice of options to further enhance your sleep experience.

Pocket Collection

The Pocket Collection provides fantastic value to customers who are looking for great quality without the luxury price tag. As all mattresses in this collection are made with Highgrove’s KineTech Pocket Spring System, they provide an enhanced level of spinal support without sacrificing on comfort.

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