Mammoth Mattresses – The Science of Comfort

Mammoth is a brand which claims to have gone further than any other in developing innovative technologies and materials to deliver the best comfort possible. They have achieved this by expertly combining pressure relief, support and temperature regulation. This makes Mammoth mattresses some of the most comfortable around.

Mammoth calls this the Science of Comfort.

Medical Grade Foam

One of the things that make Mammoth mattresses really stand out is the Medical Grade foam which they use.

This is different to regular memory foam as does not rely on your body heat to soften the sleep surface. Instead, Mammoth’s Medical Grade foam responds instantly to your body shape and weight, providing immediate support. As it does not rely on heat, a Mammoth mattress gives you a much cooler and drier sleep experience. This helps you maintain an excellent level of comfort all through the night.

Posture Cells

The use of Posture Cells is another way in which Mammoth mattresses really stand apart from many other brands. Posture Cells are an additional comfort mechanism found in the upper layer of the Medical Grade foam and are found in all Mammoth Performance mattresses. These cells provide additional pressure relief and help to distribute your body weight more evenly.

Cooling channels divide the Posture Cells into rows, which allow air to flow throughout the top layer of the mattress. This provides extra ventilation and helps to disperse excess body heat, so you won’t overheat while you sleep. The cooling channels also mean that the Posture Cells move independently. This helps to minimise the disturbance caused by a partner getting up or moving about in the night.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Mammoth has strengthened its commitment the Science of Comfort by seeking the specialist advice of physiotherapy experts when developing new products. Since partnering with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 2015, Mammoth have incorporated their expert knowledge and insights into their mattress designs.

North of England BioMedicine Industry Awards

In recognition of Mammoth’s high-quality product design, focus on the consumer, and growth in the company, they were named Winning Company in the North of England BioMedicine Industry Awards.

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