With a long history of sleep innovations, an Mlily mattress offers much more than standard memory foam.

Redefining Sleep

Mlily is a brand which completely revolutionised the way that the Chinese people thought about sleep. Where most people slept on surfaces without adequate body support or pressure relief, Mlily placed a high value on comfort like never before. Through the introduction of their innovative foam mattress, Mlily brought all the health benefits of having appropriate sleep support to the Chinese people. It is because of this change in thinking that Mlily have proudly adopted the motto of ‘Redefining Sleep’, as they are always looking to improve upon their technologies and products.

Mlily Gel Memory Foam – Memory Foam That Stays Cool

The most unique and exciting thing about the Mlily brand is their innovations in gel memory foam technology.

When sleeping on an ordinary memory foam mattress it is very easy to overheat as the mattress moulds itself around you, which leaves little room for heat to escape. This means that while your mattress may give you the correct level of support, your sleep quality might not be perfect. By incorporating cooling gel into their memory foam mattresses, Mlily has found an ingenious solution to this problem.

Mlily’s Gel Memory Foam offers the best of both worlds. It means that their mattresses stay cool, and makes them even more responsive to your unique body shape. This allows you to benefit from the pressure relief, body contouring and body support of a memory foam mattress, without overheating in the night.

It’s Not One Size Fits All

With an Mlily mattress, it’s not a matter of one-size-fits-all as there are many options available.

You could increase the number of layer of gel memory foam to give you an even more luxurious level of comfort. There are also options for having a pure memory foam mattress or one with pocket springs for a more traditional mattress feel. By finding the perfect combination of support and comfort

This allows you to find an Mlily mattress that will truly benefit your health and prepare you for the day ahead.

Roll Up, Roll Up

Finding the perfect mattress it great, but have you ever wondered how on earth you’ll get it into your bedroom? The problem of getting your new mattress through those tight corners, or up that winding staircase, can often make you think twice.

This need bother you no longer as every Mlily mattress comes rolled up, so they’re much easier to manoeuvre around your house.

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