An Established Market Leader

The consistent high production quality of Relyon beds has made it the market leader in mattresses, divans and storabeds in the UK.

With over 150 years of experience in the industry, Relyon is one of the oldest bed manufacturers available in the UK today. This has allowed them to hone their bed-making skills to an expert standard, developing them over many generations. Over this time Relyon’s philosophy has remained the same: placing your comfort as their paramount priority. As such, Relyon beds and mattresses really are something which you can rely on for the highest standards of quality and comfort.

What Makes Relyon Beds Different?

One innovative feature which makes Relyon stand out from other brands is centre tying.

Centre tying is a different way of holding the springs inside a mattress in place. Unlike the standard method which uses glue to hold the springs in place, centre tying uses a cord to run through the mattress and stabilise the springs. The main benefit of this method is that when one spring is pushed down it won’t drag other springs down along with it because they’re not glued together. This makes for a much more responsive mattress. Also, the use of a cord instead of glue means that the mattress tends to last longer, as general wear and tear can cause the glue to break down over time. This does not happen to the highly durable cord in a centre tied mattress.

This commitment to comfort extends to other aspects of your sleep, as the anti-allergenic properties of the natural fibres used in Relyon beds and mattresses provide additional health benefits. The different combinations of varying spring counts, fillings and firmness mean you can find the right mattress that will respond to your specific size, shape and weight.

Sustainability and Awards

Relyon also pride themselves on their environmentally aware and progressive business practices, being enthusiastic members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme.

The high quality of Relyon’s products has earned them the The Worhipful Company of Furniture Makers’ highly sought after Manufacturing Guild Mark. This is particularly significant as only four other major bed manufacturers have achieved this status, which makes it all the more prestigious.

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