Sealy is a company which has grown from humble beginnings in Sealy, Texas to become the world’s biggest bed brand. In fact, they’ve become so popular that across the world a Sealy bed is sold every three seconds. As Sealy beds have become so popular, their range of products has expanded to suit as many needs as possible. This means that when looking for a new bed or mattress, it’s always worth checking out what Sealy has to offer.

Sealy has also become the brand of choice for many of the UK’s biggest sporting professionals. This is because Sealy know’s the important role that sleep plays in keeping your body healthy and helping it to recover. Their recent partnership with the Rugby League club, Wigan Warriors, reinforces their commitment to providing the most regenerative sleep solutions.

Posturepedic Technology

Many Sealy beds come with Posturepedic technology in their open coil mattresses, which increases the amount of support they provide. Weight is distributed more evenly as extra support is targeted towards the centre of mattresses. This helps to support the heaviest parts of your body while you sleep, such as your back and core.

However, Posturepedic mattresses do not sacrifice their comfort in order to achieve this extra support. The springs provide a softer overall feel, which only becomes firmer as more pressure is added. By using smaller springs a higher spring count is possible, which increases the durability and comfort life of the mattress.

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Pocket Spring

Sealy also offers a wide range of pocket spring mattresses, as they offer different benefits from their open coil models. Pocket springs provide better body contouring, as each spring reacts independently to the pressure placed on it. Also, as the springs aren’t connected to each other, movement transfer is greatly reduced across the whole mattress. This results in a much more stable sleep surface. The springs in Sealy’s pocket spring mattresses are also all fabric encased to minimise noise disturbance.

The whole pocket spring system in a Sealy mattress is held in place by a Unirail support. This maximises the available sleep surface of your mattresses, as the edges won’t easily dip when pressure is applied. This means that you can sleep right up to the edge of your bed without the risk of rolling off.

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Sealy Beds with Geltex

Many Sealy beds now use Geltex to add an extra dimension of support to your body during sleep. Geltex is an innovation new bedding material made up of an elastic gel combined with air-permeable foam. The main benefits of having a Geltex mattress are optimal body support, enhanced pressure relief, and breathability. This creates a very balanced sleep experience which prevents you from overheating while you sleep.

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