Vispring has a long history of creating extremely good quality products, with over a century of expertise in the industry. Vispring mattresses have long been considered some of the best available since their conception in the early 20th century, and they still are today. Being the height of luxury products for generations, Vispring mattresses were even used in all of the 1st Class accommodation aboard the famously decadent Titanic and her sister-ship, the Olympic. The high standards of excellence that Vispring strive for have even earned them the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Putting The Spring In Vispring Mattresses

Having invented the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring take the quality of the springs in their mattresses very seriously. Each spring is made of vanadium-steel, which makes them much stronger and last longer. These springs come in a wide variety of 58 distinct spring types, and are available in four tensions. So whether you prefer an extra firm mattress or something softer, they’re bound to have the spring to suit you.

Once the right spring configuration has been chosen, they are individually enclosed in a natural cotton calico pocket. This ensures that each Vispring mattress is extremely breathable, providing a cooler night’s sleep. The springs are then hand-nested in a honeycomb pattern to boost the support offered by each bespoke mattress.

The Finest Natural Fillings

Vispring’s commitment to creating luxury products doesn’t stop at using fantastic springs, but applies to the whole bed-making process. That’s why they only use natural fibres as fillings for their mattresses.

The unique properties of each of the natural filling options lets you customise your bed to the highest degree. From hypoallergenic Peruvian vicuña wool, to soft and absorbent Chinese bamboo, Vispring only uses the very best natural fillings. The Platinum-grade Shetland Islands wool that Vispring uses is both hypoallergenic and breathable, and is proof of their commitment to delivering superior quality.


So if you value high quality above all else, a Vispring mattress could be for you.

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